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2017 450 Vegas Round Shoot

Money Class

$-MFS- Trent Kleeberger- 448-31x’s (1)   $45.00

$-YAMFS- Conor Franklin- 446-17x’s (2)  $25.00

$- MFS- Aron Borwege- 437-16x’s (1)

$-MFS- Bill VanVorst- 435-16x’s (1)

$-FFS- Caitlin Griffin-433-17x’s (2)

$-MFS- Tanner Mager- 427-14x’s (4)

$-FFS- Cory Griffin- 412-3x’s (0)


Trophy Class


Mike Overson-433-12x’s (1)

Todd Nepper- 413-7x’s (1)

George Hinton- 410-7x’s (1)

Chad Meixner- 335-19x’s (1)


Paul Fay- 443-21x’s (3)

Rick Rugroden-442-23x’S (5)

Dale Griffin- 312-1x’s (1)


Larry White- 441-20x’s (7)

Mike Ryan- 437- 19x’s (7)

Donnie Fromm-398-6x’s (2)


Savannah Shermo- 312- 1x’s (1)


Aiden Borwege-400- 4x’s (1)


Jack Chen- 442-18x’s (0)


Zoie Thompson- 435- 12x’s (0)


Ellery Waldron- 414- 8x’s (1)

Rachel Haley-354- 1x’s (0)

Ella Drake- 139-0x’s (0)


Tanner Hanson- 307- 0x’s (0)


Gabriel Strand- 397- 2x’s (0)


Kevin Chen-449-27x’s (8)

Kenny Hinton- 426- 13x’s (3)


Here are the winners for the free raffle from the 450 Vegas Shoot.

1. One pack of Reign Broadheads- Zoie Thompson

2. Cobra Mamba Fang Release and Photon Micro-Light Personal Flashlight – Aiden Fretted

3. Oak Ridge Archery T-shirt and Photon Micro- Light Personal Flashlight- Rachel Haley

4. Two Pack of Blood Vanes and Photon Micro-Light Personal Flashlight- Aron Borwege

5. K-Tech Design MX-5 Stabilizer and Photon Micro-Light Personal Flashlight- Chad Maixner

6. Octane Hi Jack Rest and Sidewinder Evo retractable tether system- Jack Chen

7. 30-06 Outdoor Mustang Sally Release and Photon Micro-Light Personal Flashlight- Tanner Hanson

8. 30-06 Outdoor Mustang Compact Release and Photon Micro-Light Personal Flashlight- Mike Ryan

If your planning on shooting Waseca archery shoot on Sunday, November 19th, 2018. I will bring the raffle prizes to the shoot so you can pick them up there. If not, contact us and we can figure out how you can receive your prize.

Also, I will bring everyone first place trophy to Waseca archery shoot.


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